Google Takes on Windows With Chrome OS

For about six months now, Google has made its Chrome Browser freely available for Windows users to download. Mac users (like me) are still waiting for our version… but that’s OK… I’m not bitter.  Anyways, Chrome has been a pretty stable browser.  And designing websites for it is a snap – unlike Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) which is really glitchy.  For a lay-person’s discussion of how Google Chrome browser works, check out this neat comic.

You see, IE is the most common browser, despite all the other free browser options that are available (Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.).  However, the way it works is really screwed up.  When you design websites, you always have to put in extra hacks for the various versions of IE.  Otherwise, you hear complaints about how text does not align properly, images are in the wrong locations, etc.

The funny thing is that you hardly ever hear those complaints when sites are viewed with other browsers. Kinda makes you think…

In addition, all these extra coding hacks to the CSS make websites bloated with longer load times and larger file sizes.

Anyways, this new Chrome OS from Google is planned to be an open source project and initial release will be for lightweight netbooks with later releases for more robust computing.  It’s obvious that Google is planning to unseat Microsoft and their bloated Windows system (have you heard anyone rave about how happy they are with Vista?).  You can read Google’s announcement about Chrome OS on the Official Google Blog.

We can only hope that with more users changing their OS away from Microsoft, we will finally be able to stop requiring all sorts of nonsensical hacks that should be unnecessary.

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