Content is Crap, Not King. Well. . . Sort Of

For years now, we have heard the, “Content is King” line. And that’s pretty much true when if comes to SEO. But to me, when someone refers to “content,” I mostly think in terms of:

This is a Content Headline

This is some boring content


Not to mention that a lot of text just becomes a bunch of blah blah blah that users will just ignore, gloss

over, forget, etc. This is where good design practices will help to get your message across to your users as much, if not more so, than content.

A good design goes a long way. A great design will will go a long with with as few words as possible.

In working with my clients, two of the first things that I work on is:

  • Defining with absolute clarity who their intended audience is.
  • Clearly defining the messages that they need to convey to their audience.

These two items will set the stage for all web design and development work that needs to be done. It’s great that some clients want to have the newest-latest-most-whiz-bangiest-gizmo-widgety things. But if you don’t achieve these two primary objectives, you’re doing your clients a great disservice.

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