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More Great Stuff From GOOG: Insights For Search Allows You To Analyze Keywords And A Whole Lot More

While poking around in Google Analytics, I recently stumbled upon a new (or at least new to me) tool from Google. For all I know it could have been around for a year, but anyways… It’s called “Google Insights For Search” and it is currently in beta. Here’s

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does in a nutshell: you can see the rise and fall in popularity among keywords. In typical Google fashion, you can also make comparisons between keyword popularity. Here’s a sample: A review of searches for Facebook vs. MySpace shows that there could be an inverse relationship in popularity between the two sites, and that crossover in popularity occurred around January 2009. Interesting. Now with that data you can also inflatables for sale in canadadrill down to yield all sorts of yummy data: What states are more popular for Facebook? What states should MySpace focus its efforts? Now, what if you’re an online retailer who sells both Xbox, Playstation and Wii consoles? Could it help me to guesstimate trends and plan inventory for the months ahead? You bet! Check it out here. You can even chart all three against major news releases related to the search term. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you just don’t get any of these types of tools with Bing, Yahoo or Ask. The Google people are just so way far ahead of the curve in delivering value.inflatable camping tents

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