Google Android – Better Than I Ever Expected

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renewed, I had the choice of migrating over to the Sprint Network (something that Sprint secretly wishes everyone would do – so that they can put the final nail in the coffin of Nextel’s legacy iDEN network) but I refused. At the time, Sprint didn’t have calling plans that matched my needs, and their selection of phones was… meh…underwhelming. The best thing they had that came close to an iPhone (still the gold standard even today) was a phone from HTC that ran on Windows Mobile. My partner subsequently bought that phone, and as I suspected, it’s a pain in the ass. I find it odd that I worked for 10 years in the wireless industry but always stuck with phones that did only the most basic of functions: phone, contacts, simple text-messaging, text-only browsing. No camera. No touch screen. No Email. Nothing… I figured that I would make the switch to a smartphone when the technology has finally arrived. So during the past two years, so much has happened: Google released its open source Android software for mobile devices, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have emerged as rising Internet stars that will shape the way we communicate. After looking into phones for the past month, I settled on either the Samsung Moment (which has a QWERTY keyboard) or the HTC Hero (which does not) – both of Which run on Andriod. After spending about an hour looking, the very knowledgeable sales rep pointed out the differences and helped steer me to the HTC Hero, and I am so glad that he did. So here’s what the big deal is with Andriod: it works… Flawlessly. It syncs… it’s intuitive… there’s thousands of apps (free and paid) available from the Android Market… and it’s less expensive and a serious competitor to the iPhone. After turning on the phone, I put in my login information and simultaneously linked my Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts. All these are

now constantly synced and updatable directly from various apps on my phone. But wait, there’s more… the fully customizable screen allows me to drag and drop all kinds of widgets for applications on any one of seven screens (1 middle screen and three screens on either side that are accessible by swiping your finger right or left). But the greatest thing about Android is that it completely negates the argument of PC vs. Mac. The choice is: neither! The Google option is for cloud computing to store our information and sync from there – not from your computer. Our lives are becoming more enmeshed with the online world and the Android system definitely helps to bridge the two worlds.

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