Tutorial: Moving iTunes Files onto Android Devices with Mac OS X

So I’ve had my HTC Hero phone (on Sprint’s network) for a little over a month, and I’ve been so happy with the performance of both the phone and the Android OS from Google. While Android is not chipping into iPhone sales just yet, mark my words when I say that it definitely will once the hardware is on par with what Apple provides. Yes, I am probably the only Apple/Mac fan that does NOT own

an iPhone. It’s MOSTLY because I used to do some consulting in the network development arena for many wireless providers, and I know first-hand that the AT&T Network is a cobbled-together-piece-of-crap. It basically comes down to poor technology choice + limited coverage… one can only wonder how much money they had to throw at Apple just to get them. But I digress… My only gripe has been that I have not been able to sync or move files from my Mac to my Hero. Now I understand that the point of Android is that you’re syncing to the Google Cloud rather than your PC or Mac. But sometimes you need to transfer pictures or audio files in order to maximize your enjoyment. There’s software that was included to do this with a PC, but not Mac. I tried doing it on my own, but the Micro SD card wouldn’t mount and be recognized. So I downloaded a FREE app from the Android Marketplace called “Auto Mount” by JRTStudio and guess what… IT WORKED like magic. My trusty (and very rusty) pre-Intel iMac G5 recognized the SD Card and allowed me to transfer my iTunes files over!! Keep in mind that Android will play .mp3 and .m4a files HOWEVER, it will

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NOT play music files that are protected by Apple’s DRM file protection. So here’s how it looked on my Mac   Disk Successfully Mouted   Then just open a new Finder Window and drag and drop files into the “Music” folder. Voila.

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