WordPress, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

After a bit of an absence, I have returned back to the WordPress platform for blogging. I would say it has probably been about a good 2 years since I last worked with it, and I have to say that the improvements have been tremendous.  In addition, the number Plug-Ins, Widgets and Themes that are available just seem to boggle the mind.

Now that I am working full time blogging and developing websites, I think I am definitely going to stay with WordPress. Here’s my basic reasons:

  • Truly a five minute setup as they claim
  • Themes, themes, themes… they’re all over.  Most are free or very low cost. Hunt them down and make your site fantastic!
  • You can extend your site’s abilities with various Plugins.  They can do all sort of things: Shopping Carts, Online Payment Processing, Photo Galleries, Contact Forms, Links to Facebook and Myspace.  It’s pretty endless.

With the WordPress platform, you are really only limited by your time and creativity.

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